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Fresh from PAX east at the rooster teeth panel. THE BRAND NEW SEASON 2 RWBY OPENING!!!!!!!

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"Someone will make glasses that you put on that’ll shoot lasers into your eyes and get right to your brain…" [x]

Knock it off, that doesn’t count”
"I had to mug Gavin for that, come on!"

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yourtwodads: your url doesnt show up when you insert a quote break in advance, i dont think it ever has? if you want it to show up just dont put a quote break 0: 

yeah, I guess this is it… there’s also this thing where somebody comments on my gifset and their url appears above the caption, like they posted it, which is also weird, because I’ve seen reblogs of my stuff before and I could’ve sworn my url showed up xD maybe tumblr changed something or I’m just remembering it wrong. Thanks! <3

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I’m not sure why my url doesn’t show up in the reblogs of my gifsets anymore, like above the caption? it always did before. huh. this is weird

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Ryan refuses to stop his seductive winking in The Patch #47

Geoff “How is Your Mustache Real?” Ramsey

hello friends

just wanted to say that if you ever have a gif request or something like that, feel free to send me an ask

I wasn’t sure if I should post that because the fact that I can even make gifs is a miracle, I’m still not very good at it and there are so many people who can actually make very nice gifs xD but, you know, yeah

get wrecked

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