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Gavin: Ryan has the most kids out of anyone in this room
Geoff: I would argue that I have 4 or 5
Michael: Most kids don’t like not become yours at 5pm
Geoff: No, you’re all still mine

Me: *heart shatters in to a million pieces (in a good way)*

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Im starting a new project that im probably never gonna finish! here is part of it!

Ryan Haywood and his creepy creepy face

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ryans 3rd king outfit ? 

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The city looks so pretty, do you wanna burn it with me?
Til the skies bleeds ashes and the fucking skyline crashes
They catch us with matches to ignite the flame
And all the hopes of a youth deemed fucking insane

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emerald-delta: You know that gif set you posted of Ryan in the white shirt talking about wearing a dress in college? What is that video and where can I watch it?? 

You know there’s a faq literally just below the askbox, right? ;) How did you miss it? xD 


I don’t remember which part exactly it’s in, but you should watch the whole thing anyway :)

Ryan in Go! #50

Ryan’s commentary on the RT Inter-Office SMITE Tournament



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I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately, there’s just… stuff going on and feeling like crap all the time doesn’t really make me want to go on tumblr a lot. :/